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A5 Picture Guide Book : Mdina

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Publisher: Miller Distributor Publications

Prezz: € 2.99

A concise pictorial guide book about Mdina, the Silent City at the heart of the Mediterranean.  The Silent City, Mdina or Città  Notabile, once the capital city of Malta, is situated on a hill in the centre of Malta, surrounded by fortifications. This now haven of serenity and peace is encompassed with various attractions and commands a spectacular view at the periphery of its fortifications.

The guide book offers concise information and photographs on:

  • History of Mdina
  • The Gates of Mdina
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • The Cathedral Museum, Palazzo Falzon & the Magisterial Palaceof Justice
  • Reference is also made to the attractions just outside Mdina which includes  St Paul’s Grotto, The Catacombs & The Roman Villa found in Rabat.

The series Picture Guide Books is highly recommended as a valuable tool for school projects