Agenda Bookshop Supports Children’s Course

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Reading with a Difference, December 2005
“Reading with a Difference” is a new course for children aged between 12 and 16, held by the Council of Women and supported by Agenda Bookshop. Three fully booked sessions of 15 participants each were held during the month of December 2005.
The course aimed at raising the awareness of different authors, informing the teenagers on the modern forms of the story which appear in various media and recommending a list of books which are slowly becoming modern classics for children.

The course provided participants with a forum in which to discuss, interact and learn. The teenagers learnt about modern classic that have been turned into films, discussed the merits of different authors and learnt to use the internet to find online stories and join related fan clubs and newsletters. The success of this innovative course was evident when participants asked for subsequent courses to be held in the near future.