Agenda Kids Club at the Annual Pantomime

By December 27, 2006No Comments

Mikiel” the Agenda Kids Club mascot is making a special appearance during the annual MADC pantomime at the Manoel Theatre.  During the show, children are called up on stage to participate in a high-energy mini-olympics hurdle race after which Mikiel will be handing out gifts from Agenda Kids Club.

“A lot of investment and energy went into the creation of the Agenda Kids Club and Mikiel was created to encourage reading and literacy amongst children – this is the main objective behind the Agenda Kids Club”, explained Marketing Manager for Agenda Bookshops Simon Debono, “being part of such an immensely popular show with a captivated audience of youngsters, this is a great opportunity to spread our message”. MADC’s “Hercules – The Panto” is playing to packed houses until the 14th of January. Mikiel is seen here giving books to the children participating on stage.