Agenda Kids Club Party… A Success!

By December 5, 2006No Comments

A party to celebrate the launch of the Agenda Kids Club was organised at the Playmobil Fun Park Hal Far. The Launch Party attracted a number of children already members of the Agenda Kids Club. The aim of this club is to start introducing children to various storybook characters while instilling in them the love of reading.

The Agenda Kids Club members who attended the party were first divided into different groups depending on their age, they then enjoyed and participated in various activities including story telling, puppet shows, shadow theatre, crafts, face painting, and dancing.  The children also enjoyed a healthy glass of Nesquik. There was also a band going round the Playmobil Fun Park courtyard, playing lively music.

Mikiel, the life-size Kids Club Mascot was introduced for the first time during the launch party, participated heartily with the children throughout all the activities. Another highlight of the party was the surprise guest for the evening, Ira Losco, who spoke with all the children and handed out her personalised autographs.

The Agenda Kids Club invites all parents to sign their children up to the Kids Club at any of the Agenda outlets.

Children who become members will be entitled to special offers and discounts on children’s books, free entrance to and participation in fun filled events and storytelling sessions, free newsletters, free goodies upon registration and most importantly, an insight into the wonderful and magical world of books. Over and above all this the Agenda Kids Club also promotes educational & environmental awareness in collaboration with the Ministry for Rural Affairs and the Environment and Tree For You. There are no registration fees to join the kids club, what the club asks children to pay is Lm1.50c that will contribute towards sponsoring a tree. Up until 31st January Agenda Kids Club is investing the money on behalf of its members, however after the 31st of January each member will be asked to pay Lm1.50 for their tree.