Agenda Launches International E-Commerce Website

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In what is a first for Malta in its sector, and what appears to be the widest application of e-commerce on the local market, Agenda Bookshop, Malta’s leading bookshop chain, launched its international e-commerce website on Thursday, 22nd July, at

Speaking at the launch of the website, which has now gone live, Miller Distributors Ltd CEO Malcolm Miller underscored the convenience of using a locally trusted and respected brand. “There are many advantages of using a reliable local e-commerce site. Apart from price, where we are comparable and often cheaper than major International sites, we can think local and go that extra mile to ensure users really do get a good deal.”

All prices quoted on are final and include local VAT. Delivery to consumers home is free of charge. Mr Miller explains, “We will deliver after 4pm, which is a time when you or a member of your family is likely to be at home. Failing handover, delivery will be made to one of the many options the customer indicates when ordering, for collection. Delivery is made within two to 15 working days, but we aim for and have so far achieved six days and, if in stock in Malta, two days.”

According to research, after price, convenience is the second greatest pull factor when it comes to shopping online. But that convenience is often compromised when, for example, a consumer needs to go to the post office to collect their purchases, in the process forfeiting the very convenience they were after in the first place – a prospect circumnavigated through the hand delivery system devised for the website.

According to statistics published by the MCA, an estimated 63 per cent of Maltese online buyers prefer to purchase from companies they trust. Over half the purchases made online are carried out with security options, such as PayPal, or through secure sites. Mr Miller adds, “A serious concern with over 55 per cent of Maltese e-commerce users is fraud, or concerns ranging from non-delivery at all, to damage, or the wrong article being delivered. At, with the reliability of a local trusted brand, we operate under the strictest international security structures giving peace of mind to users that no card details or personal information is stored. The policy, as clearly explained on the site, also gives users full protection and an easy solution in the unlikely event of damaged or wrong articles being delivered. We are a recognised local operator and committed to serve our customers to the best practice levels we have established.”

The policy of the e-commerce site is to carry as wide a range of titles as possible, and it is well on its way toward reaching the goal with its current 1.5 million titles in English and Maltese. “We pride ourselves in also being the largest site for Maltese titles and encourage even the smallest titles to join our listing. is committed to be the largest website for Maltese publications.”

In the coming months, the company will also be offering e-books enabling the more hi-tech customers to download books to their electronic devices such as iPads.

Mr Miller also extended his thanks and appreciation to Think Design, who designed and created the website.

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