Agenda Newskiosk’s Set Sail

By November 11, 2006No Comments

With over 1,500 trips per month  and circa 3.5 million passengers each year between Malta and Gozo, Gozo Channel have been looking into providing a better and more complete service to its customers. In view of this and following a public call by tender, Gozo Channel have entered an agreement with Miller Distributors who have now launched three new retail outlets on the Gozo Channel Vessels, M.V. Ta’ Pinu, M.V. Malita & M.V. Gaudos. Through this new venture Miller Distributors are proud to announce the launch of the Agenda Newskiosk brand, which is an extension of the Agenda Brand Family.
This is a first for Gozo Channel passengers, who can now benefit from a convenient and well-stocked selection of local and foreign newspapers, magazines, paperbacks, tourist guides, children’s books and more essentials, whilst also being serviced by a reputable retail brand.
The launching of these new outlets is a step further in Agenda’s long-term objective of making press products available at all travel points in Malta, serving both local and tourist requirements.