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Agenda Textbooks Service forms part of the Agenda Bookshop retail brand. In 2012,, a custom-built website offering customers an online textbook ordering service, was launched. In 2013 we expanded the service to also include textbooks for 6th Form students, and in 2014 we further expanded to also offer University textbooks, thus enabling us to be able to offer all levels of service, including the on-going convenience that online ordering and shopping provides customers.

The way the website works is that buyers select a school and grade / level before being presented with the relevant booklist supplied by their school. They can browse through the list and select the books they need, as well as additional services such as textbook covering before placing their order. Payment is then made upon collection of the books from the nearest of 11 Agenda Bookshop / 8 Till Late / WHSmith collection points.

The debut of the service saw thousands of people registering and ordering on the website and even more students and parents are expected to make the switch to ordering online in the coming years.

Five Reasons to Shop at


It’s convenient

You can order your textbooks online in the peace of your home at any time of day

Easy to collect your order

Choose the Agenda Bookshop, 8 Till Late or WHSmith outlet of your choice out of 11 handy locations

Peace of mind

Some textbooks may not be available at the time of your order. Agenda Textbooks will supply you with all the books which are available and will contact you when the unavailable books become available again. This service is free of charge

Book Covering Service

For a small sum, you can choose to have all or some of your textbooks covered in a clear removable recyclable plastic film. We also provide a book label for you to use and thus you are ready for the first day of school.

Customer Service

We provide you with all the information you require to purchase your textbooks – ISBN, Cover size, “Our Price”, Availability & Recording Service, thus giving you all the tools you require to ensure that you order and purchase your full textbook requirements.
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