Book Publishing

With a wide range of local interest publications aimed primarily at visitors to Malta, we offer an extensive array of book titles from postcards to coffee-table books, guidebooks, maps, co-editions with major UK Publishers on Malta, themed fiction and non-fiction in 15 languages. In recent years we have also published documentaries and Malta related productions on DVD.

Our programme also includes an ever increasing list of Academic books printed under the Agenda imprint, and additional reading material written by Malta’s leading University Professors and Lecturers whom we support and work closely with through our on-campus sourcing services and bookshops. These specialised services have enabled the publication of books that may have otherwise not have been produced and we are committed to widen our services and support in these areas.

Children’s books and Teaching Aids both in English and Maltese are another expanding part of our Publishing lists with an ever-increasing range of well produced, value for money books now in print.

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