Delicious Healthy Snacks Just Got Real!

About The Eat Real Brand

Eat Real snacks are based on three very simple concepts:

  • Real Taste
  • Real Nutrition
  • Real Ingredients

The range of snacks is an enjoyable healthier alte­­rnative, made from real, natural ingredients with no artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives.

There is a flavour for everyone that can be enjoyed at any time of the day!


Lentil Chips


The lentil chips range is made from whole lentil flour together with other scrumptious ingredients which create fantastic flavours, with 40% less fat. There is the organic version, with no added sugar.

Hummus Chips


Hummus chips are a chickpea based snack, made from chickpea flour and infused with other tasty ingredients. All hummus chips have 40% less fat. The organic version of hummus chips comes with no added sugar.

Quinoa Chips


There are 3 different varieties of Quinoa Chips: one made from quinoa flour, another one made from corn and quinoa flour and the third variety has a mix of corn and quinoa flour together with fresh kale.

All varieties are blended with a mix of unique ingredients.



These are not the straws we’re used to, but a potato-based snack in the shape of a straw. There is the organic version too.