Energizer Battery Guide Launched

By February 26, 2007No Comments

Energizer has just launched and is currently distributing in households and making available at retail outlets selling Energizer batteries the Energizer Battery Guide – an informational and educational guide, which aims at guiding consumers to purchase the correct battery according to the device it will be used for.

The Energizer brand is split into four battery ranges, which have been developed, based on the energy required by different battery operated devices. 

The Energizer Ultra+ range, is the latest generation of Energizer alkaline batteries, which is suitable for everyday household items such as torches, alarm clocks and remote controls.   The Energizer Ultimate range is the most powerful and advanced Energizer alkaline battery which lasts up to 30% longer in high drain devices such as remote controlled toys and digital cameras. The Energizer Rechargeable range includes economically and environmentally friendly batteries since these can be recharged to full power up to hundreds of times making them ideal for frequently used devices such as MP3 players and hand held games. The Energizer Lithium is the most technologically advanced range since its AA and AAA batteries are the world’s longest lasing batteries, lasting up to 7 times longer in digital cameras.  
The Energizer Battery Guide gives a clear overview of each product range and also a recommendation on the device, which each product category should be used for in order to get optimal performance from the device.

The Energizer Battery guide can be collected from retail outlets selling Energizer batteries. Further information about the full range of Energizer products can be obtained from: