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Exploring Malta: 1565 – The Great Siege

By May 13, 2011No Comments

Editors: Robert Newby Grech
Illustratior: Victor Pulis
ISBN: 978-99932-86-61-5
Price: €3.99

Why did La Valette kill his favourite hunting dogs at the beginning of the Siege? Where were the Maltese women in the Great Siege of 1565? These and other curious titbits of information are included in a new publication of Malta’s Great Siege, part of the Exploring Malta Series published by Miller Distributors Limited. The 40 page book is pitched at 11 year-olds but will easily enthral adults and children alike with a fast-paced narrative and lively cartoons bringing the much-recounted saga very much to life. The well-known story is retold in diary form by Robert Newby Grech and includes interactive sections for readers who want to get more involved in the details. A considerable amount of research was carried out by Victor Pulis whose talents are also evident in the range of illustrations and drawings accompanying and enlivening the text.

The result is a brisk read through one of the many exciting moments in Malta’s history and a sound introduction to what life might have been like on the islands in 1565.