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Exploring Malta: St. John’s Co-Cathedral

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Exploring Malta: St. John’s Co-Cathedral
Author/Illustrator: Victor Pulis
ISBN: 9789995737351
Price: €3.99

When the Knights of the Order of St John came to Malta in 1530, they made Birgu their headquarters and the Church of St. Lawrence their congventual (belonging to a convent) church. Jean Levesque de la Cassiere, the Grand Master at that time, paid for the building of the church himself. The work started in 1573, on the plans of the Maltese architect Gerolamo Cassar. The church was completed four years later. Monsignor Ludvico de Torres, Archbishop of Monreale, consecrated the building on 20 February 1578. A book full of educational quizez and crafts.
Exploring Malta – St. John’s Co-Cathedral is the 6th titles in the Exploring Malta range of Activity Books, aimed at young children between 5-10 years, and published by Miller Publications.
This latest title is bursting with activities such as mazes, colouring-ins, cut-out figures, crossword puzzles, join the dots, spot the difference, and even a build your own Cathedral exercise!
The Exploring Malta series contains fun information about the geography and history of Malta and Gozo. It’s bursting with activities and proves that learning is fun and that we all benefit from Malta’s rich and colourful history.