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Exploring Malta: The Knights of St. John

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Editor: Sue Huband
Illustrator: Victor Pulis
ISBN: 978-99957-37-108
Price: €3.99

How was the Order of the Knights of St. John set up? How did the Monks become warriors? How did one become a Knight? How did the Knights end up in Rhodes? Why did the Order become a naval power? What did the Knights think of Malta? What did the Maltese think of the Knights? What did the Knights build in Valletta? How did the Maltese benefit from the Knights stay in Malta? Were there any naughty Knights?
These and many more questions are addressed in the 4th edition in the series of Exploring Malta, published by Miller Distributors Ltd. This 40 page book is full of remarkable facts and includes interactive sections where you can test your own knowledge.
This series proves that learning is fun and that we all benefit from Malta’s rich and colourful history.