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Exploring Malta: World War II

By May 13, 2011No Comments

Editors: Sue Huband
ISBN: 978-99932-86-62-2
Price: €3.99

 Have you ever wondered how the Maltese people played such a vital part in World War II? Why was it that the whole island of Malta was honoured with The George Cross medal for honour for bravery?

These and many more questions are addressed in the latest exciting edition in the series of Exploring Malta, published by Miller Distributors Ltd. This publication ‘World War II’ examines how the people of the Maltese Islands survived the hardships of the war. This 40 page book is full of remarkable facts and includes interactive sections where you can test your own knowledge. It has the benefit of amazing photographs – some previously unseen, generously provided by Frederick Galea of the National War Museum. The text, written primarily for children, by British author Sue Huband, will appeal to all ages.

This series proves that learning is fun and that we all benefit from Malta’s rich and colourful history.

Someone in your family has lived through the incredible time of World War II – here is your opportunity to discover how the events unfolded.