Fina Technical Committee Chairman Launches Water Polo Rules & Regulations Publication

By July 31, 2007No Comments

Mr Gianni Lonzi, the Chairman of the FINA Water Polo Technical Committee and a former Olympic Gold medalist, is conducting a Clinic about the Rules of Water Polo, giving special attention to the recent changes in these Rules. During the Clinic, the Aquatic Sports Association of Malta (ASA) launched the FINA Water Polo Rules 2005-2009, a publication sponsored by the Association’s Official sponsor – Wilkinson Sword.

Organised by the ASA and supported by FINA, the Clinic is being held between Friday 20th January and Saturday 21st January 2006 at the University Residence in Lija.

Robert Ebejer, ASA President, said: “During the last FINA Congress, some important changes in the water polo rules were made, and these will definitely have a positive effect on the game in general. The ASA Executive, therefore, felt it necessary to organise this clinic and issue this booklet. The Rules of the Game will form an integral part in the curriculum that is being prepared for the Coaching License Course.”

Mr Ebejer thanked FINA and Mr Gianni Lonzi for accepting to conduct this clinic, and Mr. Simon Debono Marketing Manager – Miller Distributors, local agents and distributors of Wilkinson Sword, for their support in the promotion of Water Polo in Malta.

Mr Debono said: “We are building a very good working relationship with ASA who have shown their full commitment towards taking the sport forward. Organising such seminars, publishing the rules booklet – which we were happy to support – and especially hosting people like Mr Lonzi to chair this clinic show ASA’s ongoing commitment. Furthermore, the introduction of the foreign player in next year’s championships will, no doubt, generate more interest in the game and, many, like me, are really looking forward to what promises to be a very exciting Summer League next June.”

As the official sponsor of the ASA, Wilkinson Sword is sponsoring all national water polo competitions for the next three years. Wilkinson Sword, established in 1772, has maintained its reputation for developing innovative products ever since, including the 2003 launch of the Quattro, the world’s first four-blade razor which houses the most durable blades in the world.