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Gender Equality in Maltese Social Policy

By May 11, 2011No Comments

Author: Frances Camilleri-Cassar
ISBN: 99932-672-3-6
Price: €20.85 

This is a highly original study, which asks about women’s experience of gender quality policy in Malta. Legislation about equal rights for women in Malta was passed in the 1960s and now the European Union bring new dimensions, extending the reach of gender equality policy. How real is gender equality in paid work and care work, time and voice? How much remains of the traditional male breadwinner model, in which women and men have been far from equal? Rich interviews with Maltese women give us unprecedented insight into women’s experience of Maltese culture and social policy.Based on original data collected from a sample of graduate women who are experiencing this tension in their work and family lives, Dr Camilleri Cassar presents a fine example of the relevance of social science to understanding the significance of the European project for Malta.