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Heritage Saved (Din L-Art Helwa) 1965 – 2015

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Heritage Saved

Sponsored by The Francis Miller Memorial Fund, this publication is the remarkable story of Din L-Art Helwa, Malta’s volunteer national trust, founded in 1965 to safeguard Malta’s rich heritage from the perils of neglect and fast urban development. Spanning the work of five decades from the early years when conservation was still in its infancy, this book describes the unique historic monuments and landmarks saved through restoration by the organisation and the challenges faced by its volunteers. Read about heritage saved by sheer determination, example and commitment.

The Francis Miller Memorial Fund is proud to sponsor the publication of this 50th Anniversary Din L-Art Helwa celebration book, Heritage Saved 1965 – 2015. The fund is committed to continue to support Din L-Art Helwa and the dedication and long hours put in, on a purely voluntary basis, especially by its Council members and the numerous volunteers who look after the heritage sites the organisation holds in guardianship.

The sponsorship of this book in Francis Miller’s memory is an apt and fitting tribute. He would be happy to be associated with supporting such a worthy cause and the ongoing protection of our beautiful island and its proud history.