Kate Gonzi Book Signing Session

By December 30, 2013No Comments

Agenda Bookshop was pleased to host Mrs Kate Gonzi for a book signing session of ‘Kate Gonzi: From the Heart’ on Tuesday 17th December 2013 at Agenda Bookshop, The Point. An overwhelming amount of people attended the book signing session in order to get their copies signed by Mrs Kate Gonzi.

The book ‘Kate Gonzi: From the Heart’ is being reprinted after it sold out in less than a week. It can be pre-ordered at all Agenda bookshops. Copies from the next run will go on sale in the beginning of January 2014.

All proceeds will go towards mental health charities.

About the Book:
‘From the Heart’ is a charity publication in an attempt to capture the impact that Kate Gonzi had in the life of people from different walks of life. During the past 25 years of political history in Malta, Kate Gonzi has been a central figure as the spouse of the Speaker of the House, spouse to the Minister for Social Policy and as spouse to the Prime Minister.¬†During the same time and even before that, Kate Gonzi has also had an inspiring role in the personal life of so many people who met her or sought her support or assistance in some way or another.

The publication draws upon the contribution of several key people who have met her, got to know her, worked along her side or simply observed her presence in public life during these years.

100 contributors from the President Dr Abela & Mrs Abela, Hon Prime Minister, Ms Cherie Blair, journalist Ms Ariadne Massa and so many other local personalities, have contributed to this charity initiative which proceedings will all go in aid of mental health.