‘L-Għajnuna hi Prezzjuża’, a book that teaches children to respect one another and not resort to bullying, was launched on Wednesday evening at the Agenda Bookshop of the Valletta Waterfront.

Miller Distributors have published this book written by Greta Antignolo after seeing the potential as it links well to the Maltese syllabus of grade 2 .The story not only helps children learn the importance of being kind to each other but it also teaches them to seek help and speak out when things are not going the way they should be. At the same time they will also be learning the days of the week and the parts of the human body in the Maltese language.

A number of special guests, including Education Minister Evarist Bartolo and ‘bBrave’ president and general secretary Norman Zammit and Aaron Zammit Apap were present and gave short speeches during this event.

Source: http://www.independent.com.mt/articles/2018-04-05/local-news/Children-s-book-aims-to-discourage-bullying-encourage-victims-to-speak-out-6736187503