Leader of the Opposition visits Miller House.

By November 14, 2012No Comments

Dr. Joseph Muscat leader of the Opposition and the Partit Laburista visited Miller House on 19th September. Welcomed by Malcolm Miller CEO, Dr Muscat was accompanied by the Hon Gino Cauchi MP and Mrs Marlene Mizzi, Chairperson of the Business Forum board of the Partit Laburista.

During the visit, Dr. Muscat was introduced to staff and walked through the various business units that operate from our head office. Taking a special interest in the areas that involve new technology, Dr Muscat and his team spoke at length with individual members of our team and stressed the importance of flexibility in today’s environment.

At the end of the visit, addressing staff and the media, the CEO thanked Dr Muscat and his team for the visit and stressed the importance of such visits as an opportunity for our staff and to be able to share first-hand the realities and challenges of business today with the Nation’s leaders. In his reply, Dr Muscat praised the Company as a leading example of progressive investment in Malta and a major employer. He referred to the achievement in harnessing established trading and retail activities with new technology to maximise job security and the growth of economic activity.