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Letter to a Teacher: Lorenzo Milani’s Contribution to Critical Citizenship

By May 11, 2011No Comments

Authors: Carmel Borg, Mario Cardona and Sandro Caruana
ISBN: 978-99932-86-42-4 
Price: €14.99

 This translation into English of “Letter to a Teacher” is accompanied by linguistic analyses and by comments of a socio-political nature which shed further light on the powerful message of this text. “The Letter” is therefore transported into the 21st century, remaining as relevant and as insightful as it was when it was originally published.

Some of the topics dealt with in Part One of this coursebook are: bilingualism in Malta, types of translation, contrastive analysis, shift analysis, segmentation of texts, types and levels of equivalence, code-switching, different aspects of meaning, purpose of translation, terminology, and editing. Part Two is more practical consisting of practice in analysing and editing literary, medical, legal, advertising, insurance, and engineering texts, and a whole section of further exercises connected with translation.

Carmel Borg is associate Professor of Curriculum Studies and Sociology of Education at the Faculty of Education, University of Malta. Mario Cardona is Assistant Head of School and Ph.D candidate at the University of Edinburgh. Sandro Caruana is Senior Lecturer of Italian Teaching Methodology and Language Acquisition at the Faculty of Education, University of Malta.