Logistics & Distribution

With a distribution system that covers all the Maltese Islands twice daily, 7 days a week and around 2000 daily retail outlet delivery drops, we are well placed to offer third party logistics services. Working under the slogan “Business Deliveries Everywhere Every Day”, we have a simple bespoke service for each client with a promise of high quality and cost-effective service including full tracing of deliveries entrusted to us. Above all, the edge offered is a fast, and reliable delivery network allowing our clients to focus on building their brands and customer relationships without the management headache and costs of trying to run an efficient delivery solution.

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miller distribution logistics

As part of our build-up to offer other sales and marketing Companies an efficient and cost-effective distribution solution, we have in recent months stepped up our systems to be able to guarantee next day delivery anywhere in Malta and Gozo. Following market research, we have established a clear and overwhelmingly positive reaction from other Companies confirming the hassles they face trying to operate a distribution service and their frustration and inability to offer a smooth next day solution for their customers. Investment in a fully-transparent track and trace system which allows clients full visibility, proof of delivery and real-time snapshots on each delivery further enhances our offering. Having one of the largest fleets of vans in the Maltese Islands allows us to specialise in B2C deliveries, whether these are to homes or offices. Recent upgrades to our fleet have enhanced our offering to be able to offer deliveries at any temperature. Furthermore, to cope with the ever-growing demand for storage facilities, we are now able to offer our clients warehousing solutions.