Newspaper and Magazine Distribution

Press Distribution is a core activity of our operations focusing on the importation, distribution, marketing and retail of a wide range of local and international titles. We are market leaders in the Maltese market. Distributing over 2500 titles at daily, weekly and monthly frequencies, we are geared to service mass-market volume right down to single copy specialist titles. Since 2017 we are the distribution service provider to all local newspapers offering both trade and hand delivered subscription services. All local and international press takes our sales, marketing and distribution services to the widest retail network of any provider in Malta!

As the Malta distributors for major global brands such as Financial Times, The Economist, Time, Newsweek, National Geographic, Readers Digest together with the UK National Press, we operate a 7 day, 24-hour operation to meet the requirements of each publication. In addition, we have fast airfreight and overland logistics in place with all major European and US freight centres and major carriers and operate our own overland service from the UK.

Subscription handling of single and bulk copies using our hand delivery or mail services is also an important area that is widely used by Publishers seeking a high level of service to their local readers.

We service around 750 Press selling points with both local and overseas Press and a fleet of over 30 vehicles covering the whole of the Maltese Islands supports our distribution network.

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