Malta in the News

By February 28, 2011No Comments

No doubt many of our International friends are following the events unfolding in North Africa and the great humanitarian role Malta is playing. Thousands of European, American, Chinese and other nationalities have been passing through Malta and in some cases being given hospital treatment – all have had the world-known warm Maltese welcome from the minute they arrived till they were safely on their way to their country. The mass exodus from Libya of ex-pats has been on commercial flights bravely operated by Air Malta, specially chartered ships, ferries and fast locally owned catamarans. In the past few days arrivals have been on British and German warships and RAF Hercules evacuations from the desert.

The world media is covering this news from different angles and Malta continues to feature prominently. The below is a picture from the BBC showing a young girl travelling with her family carrying an Agenda bag.