Maltese Wine Book

By December 4, 2006No Comments

Wine lovers, united in their appreciation of this celebrated and multi-faceted drink, will welcome this definitive guide book, which unravels the colourful tapestry that is the new quality wine region ‘Malta’. Here for the first time is a book that clarifies the various legacy of the Maltese Islands, situated at the crossroads of the Mediterranean Sea between Sicily and North Africa.
George Meekers, all round wine professional and consummate wine lecturer, uncorks the new wave of many Maltese wines. He offers a visually exciting, intelligently structured reference book that asks and answers the pertinent questions in concise and accessible language.
If you are looking for a new fresh taste, you’ll love to be one of the first wine enthusiasts to discover that the Maltese vinescape has changed dramatically and Maltese vintners are producing fine wines of unprecedented, new character.
Every grape variety and the different types of Maltese wine the wine drinker is likely to encounter as well as what makes each wine tick is explained with great enthusiasm and down-to-earth wine criticism.
The lively illustrated publication is a uniquely intoxicating journey through the sunny Mediterranean island of Malta as seen through a bell of delicious Maltese wine that will turn you into an enthusiastic connoisseur in no time.”