Miller Distributors Ltd has been appointed the local distributor for Maryland, Lyons and Jammie Dodgers. All three brands are manufactured by Burton’s Biscuits.
First baked in 1956, Maryland cookies still remain a favourite biscuit barrel must-have. Maryland
Cookies are the UK’s favourite cookie brand, enjoyed by over a quarter of the UK’s cookie lovers each
From the everyday standard and mini cookies, the indulgent Big and Chunky or the light and crispy
Thin cookies, Maryland offers a wide variety of cookies in every format for a variety of occasions and
Jammie Dodgers are delicious shortcake sandwiches filled with a sticky splat of ‘Jammie’ mischief –
lovingly baked by Burton’s for over 50 years. These biscuits are loved by all, young and old, making
them a great addition to any family biscuit tin!
Additionally, apart from Lyons jam tea cakes, we have also extended our Lyons range.