Miller Distributors Ltd appointed Local Distributor for Gribsi biscuits & wafers

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Miller Distributors Ltd has been appointed local distributor for Gribsi biscuits & wafers. Grisbi, belonging to the Italian Vicenzi Group, offers biscuit treats filled with soft cocoa, hazelnut, lemon cream and orange jam, as well as wafers.

In December 2005, Vicenzi Company signed the purchase of the Parmalat bakery division and of some well-known brands such as Mr Day, Grisbì and ProntoForno. This was the beginning of a new chapter that allowed the Vicenzi Group to explore new sectors, successfully asserting itself in unknown and unexplored markets.

The group’s consolidated sales have constantly grown in recent years especially due to production and sales strategies able to strongly affirm the values of Italian Fine Pastry quality and tradition.

For more information, please click here to visit the Grisbi website.