Miller Distributors Ltd entrusted with leading brands

By July 31, 2007No Comments

Miller Distributors Limited (MDL) CEO Malcolm Miller, recently announced the partnership with a line of new brands, the marketing & sale of which has been entrusted to the company. Well-known and respected global brands in the stationery field, Staedtler and Helix as well as consumer electronics giant Citizen calculators, have pledged their Malta business to the MDL operation

Staedtler’s pencil making heritage dates back 170 years since it’s opening in 1835 and is one of the oldest industrial companies in Germany. Indeed the Noris Pencil is recognised as the iconic yellow and black. With presence in 150 countries worldwide, Staedteler truly is an ambassador for the “Made in Germany” stamp of quality, producing writing instruments of high and innovative quality as well ink jet inks for large format printers. Steadtler Area Sales Manager Mr.Kamran A. Salimi said, “I am very excited about the new partnership with Miller Distributors and have no doubt that this synergistic partnership will take the Staedtler brand back to where it belongs in the Maltese market in the long term – right at the top, where a quality brand should be”.

Established in 1887 Helix operates as a worldwide supplier to the stationery industry with offices in the UK, Chicago and Hong Kong, exporting to over 65 countries worldwide and being market leaders in many – most especially in the educational and back to school stationery products. Helix is famous for it’s global brand of Oxford geometry sets.

“The world counts on Citizen” is the catchy corporate slogan used by the global calculator giant Citizen. Ranking among the top 3 in the desktop and pocket calculators market, Citizen builds quality and innovation. With it’s worldwide exclusive check and correction function, attractive desktop models and high-tech scientific calculators right through to a practical pocket version, the brand offers the ideal solution for all applications. Equipment designed by professionals, for professionals.

Another consumer electronics company which has entrusted its business to MDL, is American company Cellboost, an innovative producer and marketer of disposable batteries for mobile phones and other electronic devices including I-Pods, Laptops, Camcorders and handheld electronic games. These disposable batteries are unique in which they provide instant power to the device when the battery has run out. “How many times do you end up in the situation where you’re out and your mobile battery runs flat, many a time when you most need to communicate? It’s commonplace in today’s fast paced world and the very high frustration levels when this happens are just as common to all. Cellboost give us the opportunity to completely remove this problem by giving us a range of excellent products that “save“ the moment for a very reasonable price. Also, once you quickly charge your mobile for how ever long you need it, you can reuse the battery again. Cellboost is also a perfect match between our Energizer batteries business and the recently acquired distribution business for Vodafone”, said Malcolm Miller at a recent sales seminar for the MDL Sales Force.