Miller Distributors rolls out the “Pick of the Paperbacks”

By May 23, 2007No Comments

MDL Books Division has launched a focused sales and marketing tactic to increasing availability of good mass trade paperbacks in the local market and hence increase sales. The “Pick of the Paperbacks” is a packaged product that includes a selection of 12 book facings on a branded bookstand which is easily placed in high footfall and appropriate locations. The selection, which consists of various paperback genres, is changed every 8 weeks to always display a consistent 12 titles, allowing the patron to have enough time to see the selection, be tempted to read a few titles and have the possibility of purchasing specific titles from various locations. “The Pick of the Paperbacks, will make the most interesting titles from British publishing widely available to the Maltese public. These exciting titles are carefully chosen on criteria that have highlighted them as having the best potential to being best sellers by professionals on the UK publishing scene”, said MDL Book Buyer Pierre Portelli.