Publisher: Miller Distributor Publications

Author: Dr Alfred C. Xuereb

Printer: Poulton’s Print Shop

Design: Kuluri

Physics at S.E.C. Level covers the syllabus set by the Matsec Board of the University of Malta. The textbook is suitable for students in State, Church and Private secondary schools for the three years leading to the S.E.C. examination.

The twenty-one chapters of this book are grouped in seven sections according to their common theme. The more important items in the book are highlighted and diagrams are labelled clearly. Each major topic is accompanied by worked examples. Indeed, the book contains more than one hundred and sixty worked examples. A step-by-step approach to mathematical work in the model answers of these examples has been adopted so that all students should be able to follow. The end of each chapter contains an overview of the key topics covered in the chapter. The exercises set to check understanding of each topic covered cater for a range of abilities so that no student would be discouraged through failure but encouraged by success. The teacher is in a position to judge which questions in the exercises are suitable for individual students in a given classroom. Apart from numerical answers at the end of the book, a skeleton response to theoretical questions has been included.

Each section is preceded by a short biography of some of the most famous scientists. Reference is also made to physicists whose discoveries are relevant to the areas of study, as recommended by the Matsec Board. Each section is followed by a compendium containing the backbone of the items covered in that particular field of study. Students should find this approach useful when revising a topic. The index is comprehensive so that a student may refer to a specific topic in the shortest time possible.

Physics at S.E.C. Level contains a wide variety of applications of physics to technology. Analogies of physical phenomena with real-life situations, relevant to students in the age bracket of the last three years in secondary education, are used extensively.

The book promotes both knowledge and understanding of physical principles. A concerted effort has been made to produce a textbook that is a faithful companion for students and a supporting shoulder to their teachers.

This textbook is available from all Agenda bookshops and from main stationers in Malta and Gozo.