Representatives of Remington, famous for their high technology in haircare products, have just held a familiarisation seminar for clients in Malta to introduce them to the new concept product range and how it is best applied for the benefit of customers.

Recently, Remington introduced a professional range of products to cater for different individual hair needs. Detailed and practical information was offered about the new range which includes straighteners, hairdryers, airstylers and tongs for different types of hair.

As each hair type, like the skin, requires different treatment and care, Remington technology lays great emphasis on diversity and individuality. The Remington Professional range now offers products for different hair types: thick/curly hair; dry/damaged hair, and fine hair.

“Remington’s high technology and its determination to be at the forefront of innovation is highly significant and a pleasure to introduce to the increasingly demanding Maltese market,” said Lara Scicluna, Marketing Manager for Remington in Malta.

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Hands-on: A demonstration on Remington’s new Professional Hair Range during the seminar