Remington Sales Team Training

By December 4, 2006No Comments

A one- day training seminar was recently organised for the Miller Distributor Limited Remington Sales Team at the Radisson Hotel.  The seminar focused on the Autumn/Winter 2007 Remington Shaving product range and was delivered by Mr Torsten Bollweg (Remington Marketing Director Europe- Shaving) and Mr Hugh Nind (Remington Sales Director). 

All present could better understand the innovation, design and style, which Remington has included in its new product range so as to increase the comfort, closeness and convenience to produce a truly revolutionary product range.

The new line comprises the best ever assortment of Remington shavers – the R- Series comprising 9 completely new rotary shavers, and the F- Series which comprises 4 new foil shavers which come with Diamond Like Carbon Coated Blades that are virtually indestructible (400% harder than conventional steel blades).  With a high quality product design created by BMW Group Designworks USA, the everyday electric shaver has been transformed into a true object of desire.