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Social Transitions in Maltese Policy

By May 13, 2011No Comments

Editors: JosAnn Cutajar / George Cassar
ISBN: 978-99932-86-40-0
Price: €34.99

 The Maltese people as a society possess their own peculiarities as much as they share similarities with other societies. For those who wish to grasp the extensive demographic, psychological, philosophical, political, economic and social developments of Maltese society, this book is an essential tool.  Written by a group of professionals coming from various fields of research, the set of papers discuss the transitions various groups and institutions within Maltese society are undergoing, and how the former are affected by these changes. A number of these papers set out to locate the Maltese Islands within a global framework, while others underline that Malta’s location within a global context has a differential effect on social groups disparately located within Maltese society.

Some of the papers in this book focus on issues such as education, family, religion, the economy, the environment, and the labour market and how different groups have a differential control over their definition, and hence structure.  Other papers focus on social groups and the problems they face in 21st century Malta.  These social groups include youths, older people, women, those at risk of poverty, as well as ethnic minorities.  The objective of this book is not only to explore the changes being experienced by different social groups in Maltese society, but to also explain why these might be happening, and with what effect for those involved. 
This book is therefore an essential read for those who want to learn more about Maltese society, as well as for policy makers.