Start of operations in Tenerife

By May 30, 2011No Comments

The setting up of Newsprint Impresion Digital, S.L. is complete and full scale production is expected to start in August. With year round Tourism, Tenerife has long been a major market for International newspapers and our start up will now also enable early morning availability to a wider range of International and Spanish mainland newspapers.
Malcolm Miller, Miller Newsprint CEO said ”We are delighted to now be rolling out our Malta experience to a wide range of sites with the technology developed and tested in Malta in close collaboration with Kodak. Spain with its huge Tourism and large land mass has various opportunities for this business. Our partners the Bermont Group, the largest independent newspaper printers in Spain and Iberpress the major International and Spanish Press distributor, are ideal for this venture and bring all the local knowledge and experience required for this further international development of our business”
The technology used will be Kodak Versamark VL 4200 with Hunkeler finishing.