Systems of Knowledge Textbook Launched

By November 23, 2006No Comments

During these last few months, members of the Systems of Knowledge department of the Junior College worked on the new Systems of Knowledge guidebook for teachers and students. The book which reflects the new Matsec syllabus for 2008-2010 is entitled Systems of Knowledge: A Multidisciplinary Approach. It has been published by Agenda and designed and produced by Media Centre Publications. It is beautifully illustrated in colour and edited by Dr. Louis Laganà and Mr. Louis J. Scerri. The contributors come from different disciplines from the University and higher secondary schools and colleges in Malta and Gozo. This guidebook is divided into four areas of study which run through the two-year course, namely: Democratic Values and Citizenship, Aesthetic Values, Art and Culture, Values in Science and Technology, and Sustainable Development and the Environment. On the back cover of the book, there is an interesting comment on the value of Systems of Knowledge by Rev. Professor P. Serracino Inglott.