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Tackling the Surgical Maze – An Introduction to Clinical Methodology

By May 11, 2011No Comments

Author: Arthur Felice
ISBN: 99932-672-2-8
Price: €27.84

“Tackling the Surgical Maze is a brilliant attempt by Arthur Felice to disclose some of the most fascinating secrets of his profession.  Aiming at a proper understanding of clinical methodology and practice, Felice dispassionately dissects common practices and the latest technological advances used in surgery, weighs their relative importance and openly discloses their possibilities and limitations. The intricate combination of art and science in surgery is beautifully portrayed in this monograph. The author is to be very strongly congratulated for sharing an insider’s vision; his book instills trusts in the profession and unravels the mysteries of surgery’s ability to heal and rehabilitate.” Professor Mario Vassallo – University of Malta

“This book is the product of considerable thought about diagnostic work. Before proposing treatment the sifting of imperfect information and its correlation with the correct kernel remains one of the most difficult procedures for practicing doctors and surgeons.  The author advocates that medical practitioners should join engineers, mathematicians, philosophers, psychologists, humanitarians and socialists to exchange algorithms that uncover ailing targets and launch cures from different directions.” Professor Carmel Pule – University of Malta