The Agenda Kids Club Celebrates World Kids Colouring Day

By May 17, 2010No Comments

Originally founded by Staedtler, World Kids Colouring Day invites children all over the world to organize colouring activities with their schools, clubs or any other organisation. In order to raise funds, the Agenda Kids Club organised an event to celebrate World Kids Colouring Day. The event took place at Playmobil Fun Park on Friday, 7th May. Sporting branded t-shirts, over 70 children attended the event and availed themselves of several ongoing activities – including storytelling, crafts and games. Vouchers were sold to parents accompanying their children whereby 20% of the proceeds were passed on to Staedtler. Aside from this, a further 10% on all Staedtler sales made during the event were also passed on to Staedtler, who in turn donated the funds to Save the Children, who’s campaign is focussed on securing quality education for the millions of children out of school due to war and armed conflict. This was the second year the Agenda Kids Club celebrated, although World Kids Colouring Day has been held for three successive years. The Club is already gearing up for next year’s event.