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The Pens That Felled The Mighty

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Editors: John Manduca, Joseph C. Sammut
ISBN: 978-99932-86-41-7
Price: €35.00

 “The Pens That Felled The Mighty” is a slice of Malta’s rich history as depicted in 100 years of cartoons and caricatures published in Britain.

It is the first of its kind and artists have concentrated on five periods when Malta was ‘in the news’: these were ‘The Turbulent 1930s’ when Mussolini invaded Abyssinia; ‘The Second World War’ when Malta earned the George Cross from George VI of England and when President Roosevelt of the United States of America presented the Island with a Citation, now displayed on the façade of the President’s Palace in Valletta.

Also included are amusing and insightful attempts to integrate with Britain; the dispute with Britain which led to the close of the British base; the summit conference between President George H. Bush of the USE and President Mikhail Gorbachev of the USSR; cartoons and caricatures in colour from the Vanity Fair of personalities connected with Malta, including Governors and Naval Commanders, and a Maltese Prime Minister (Lord Strickland). Also to be found here is a selection of lively sketches from the 19th century publications such as The Graphic and The Illustrated London News.

The cartoons include works by internationally renowned artists including David Low, Giles, Cummings and others and the images chosen had appeared first in Punch, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Daily Express and Evening News among others.

The illustrations give a striking and often amusing portraits of the chequered history of the Maltese islands, in times of peace and of war.