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Translation Practice for the Maltese Bilingual

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Author: Charles Briffa
ISBN: 978-99932-86-38-7
Price: € 24.99

This coursebook, aimed at the Maltese bilingual who translates Maltese and English texts, provides learners with a comprehensive programme of study and an exciting opportunity for practice in translation methods. It may serve as a guide to learning strategies that help users to explore the complexities of two dissimilar languages and to investigate how linguistic systems can relate to each other. Refined explanations and practical exercises aim at improving learners skills in translation. The result is an essential tool for learners and tutors, based on solid theoretical principles and transparent and eminently practical activities at University level.

Some of the topics dealt with in Part One of this coursebook are: bilingualism in Malta, types of translation, contrastive analysis, shift analysis, segmentation of texts, types and levels of equivalence, code-switching, different aspects of meaning, purpose of translation, terminology, and editing. Part Two is more practical consisting of practice in analysing and editing literary, medical, legal, advertising, insurance, and engineering texts, and a whole section of further exercises connected with translation.

Dr Charles Briffa is senior lecturer with the Department of Translation Studies of the Faculty of Arts (University of Malta). He is a member of the Poetics and Linguistics Association (UK) and of the Association of Literary Scholars and Critics (Boston). His publications include a wide range of studies on language, translation, and literature including Dictionary for Specific Purposes (English-Maltese-English), Rhythmic Patterns in Maltese Literature, Aspetti tal-Istruttura tal-Malti Modern, and Aspetti tal-Istruttura tal-Paragrafu fil-Malti. He also translated numerous literary and technical texts.