Wilkinson Ladies Call with a Quattro

By July 31, 2007No Comments

One should not be surprised if a Wilkinson Lady knocks on the office door or rings the doorbell to present a free Wilkinson Sword Quattro. At that point, one will realise that he has been selected to try the shaving experience given by the Quattro.

This is part of an innovative marketing drive being adopted for Wilkinson Sword shaving products. The top-quality shaving brand has already proved to be a success since the brand has been re-launched in Malta in mid-September.

“The quality of the product is second to none and the repeat purchases by clients confirm that what is stated in the Wilkinson Sword Quattro’s marketing campaign is actually true,” said Simon Debono, Marketing Manager for Wilkinson Sword in Malta.

Apart from the high quality and ‘no gimmicks’ policy of the brand, Wilkinson Sword products, which range from shaving gels and foams to other related products, are well priced and give extra value, both within the systems and disposables product ranges, with free extra product.

“Both trade and customer response for the Wilkinson Sword re-introduction in Malta has been more than positive. Maltese men are pleased that Wilkinson is back, while younger ones are trying the Quattro for its innovative technology. The compliments we get are very encouraging. In reality, they are somewhat surpassing even our expectations,” he said.