Wilkinson Sword Launches New Quattro Titanium Razor

By June 12, 2007No Comments

Wilkinson Sword has launched its latest product on the Maltese market, the new Quattro Titanium razor. The elegantly-designed Quattro Titanium razor has four blades, each containing a unique coating of Titanium, which helps keep the blades sharper for a closer shave and ultimate smoothness.  

With an anti-slip rubber handle, the Quattro Titanium’s blades are also designed to be flexible, to adapt to the contours of the face, and are placed close together to help avoid unnecessary cuts and nicks. Two lubrication strips, enriched with Vitamin E and aloe vera, condition and soothe the skin after each shaving stroke.

The Quattro Titanium razor has a sleek design, featuring a crisp white and gleaming black chrome handle, and comes in a stylish storage holder. 

For over 100 years, Wilkinson Sword has been developing innovative grooming products for men and women, offering a range of products designed to enhance personal care and beauty. The Quattro Titanium razor and refill blades are available from all main supermarkets and retail outlets in Malta and Gozo at special introductory offers which include a Wilkinson Sword Titanium System with either a free 200ml shaving gel or refills at the special price of Lm5.99 instead of Lm7.70