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Wines of Malta – The Essential Guide

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Author: Georges Meekers
Publication Date: November 2006
ISBN: 978-99932-86-11-0
Price: €23.18

 Wines of Malta – The Essential Guide” unravels the colourful tapestry that is the Maltese wine industry today. In the tiny Maltese archipelago, situated on the crossroads of the Mediterranean Sea between Sicily and North Africa, winemaking has millenarian origins. Here is for the first time a unique publication that explains how the very recent viticultural revival in Malta has brought forth a wave of new quality wines. Wine writer, Georges Meekers has put on his gumboots and trailed the grape from the vine to the tasting room in search for the latest news about the personal endeavours of the island’s winemakers. In this definitive wine guide, Meekers recounts the vision of men who have forged a growing respect on the international wine scene for the wines of Malta, which are capturing the attention of a widening circle of buyers, distributors and wine stewards. Renowned French sommelier par excellence Serge Dubs crystallises his thoughts on Malta grown wines made from indigenous and international grape varieties in his poignant foreword to this essential read. Maltese wines made by the country’s leading wineries have already received many awards including Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at prestigious wine competitions in Bordeaux, Burgundy and London. This book brings the fresh taste of Malta’s vinous offering as intimately as possible to the lips of the reader.