World Kids Colouring Day Celebrated by the Agenda Kids Club

By May 26, 2011No Comments

‘World Kids Colouring Day’ is an initiative by Staedtler and is organised every year in many countries around the world with the aim to raise funds for children in need. In 2010, over 750,000 young artists around the globe took part – from North America to Japan and even as far away as Australia. In Malta, the Agenda Kids Club also celebrated World Kids Colouring Day.

This year’s event raised funds for children in need in Australia, where many children struggle to reach their potential due to the lack of access to education, healthcare and protection services.

For the third year running, Agenda Kids Club marked this event by organising a colouring party for its members during which they could discover or rediscover how much fun colouring can be whilst at the same time, playing an active role in helping a good cause. The event was held at Playmobil Funpark in Hal Far and included activities such as storytelling, games and crafts. To end the party off, the children were treated to a special ‘World Kids Colouring Day’ cake, made specifically to mark this special day.